Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Viktor Schauberger Article

When we go out and enjoy the beauty of nature, there always seems to be certain places that draw us in, whether it be a grove of aspen, a stone to sit on in the sun, or a special place by the river. Most of us, if we stop right now and ask ourselves, can picture a certain special spot that we frequent to decompress from the world, to meditate, and to connect with nature. These are our power places, that consciously or unconsciously have an energy that draws us in to recharge our bodies, minds and spirits. These power places hold an energy that speaks to us on a deeper level.
Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester and engineer who lived between 1885 and 1958, was fascinated by the energy of nature. In his investigations he saw that through the rivers, the Earth not only nourished life physically, but there was also an energy that supported the physical. He named it levitational energy because he saw it in counter-balance to gravitational energies, and he associated it with the energy of life, what the Chinese call Qi.
Viktor saw that the Earth was a living being who’s abundant life force energy nourished all life on the planet. He saw that the way she did this was through the springs and rivers. At the source of the springs the energies would be their strongest, which is why they have long been regarded as places of healing and rejuvenation. As the springs would flow into tributaries and then merge into larger rivers, the levitational energies would come to meet it from within the Earth. Along the course of the river, he saw energy grow in strength around corners, but it wasn’t until the river was more still that these energies would be expressed into the environment. He envisioned a continuous stream of nutritive life force energy that flowed upstream all the way from the ocean to the tiniest tributary, connecting all of life along it banks. He witnessed fish tap into this energy as they would ascend waterfalls, and then seem to sit effortlessly in a rapidly flowing river.
As Viktor investigated these energies further, he noticed that when these energies were abundant, a vortical motion would be created in water, and also in air. One afternoon he gazed in amazement as trout in a lake were swimming in an ascending spiral as they came closer to the surface. What really astonished him was that at the same time the fish were ascending, an eagle was descending in an opposing spiral, which allowed it to easily grab the fish when the spirals met each other at the surface. He also noticed this spiral motion in the rivers. When the river would come around a meandering corner it would revitalize itself by creating a vortical motion, and he believed the rivers natural vortices allowed it health and abundance. Indeed, one can see how this vortical energy underlies the creation of our DNA, as well as the creation of our galaxy.
Viktor saw that the vortical motion of the river was essential and was therefore strongly opposed to the creation of dams and canals which would cut off the levitational energies from flowing upstream. He viewed the river and all water as a living being, and believed when this being was forced into a reservoir, it would essentially die. Without the ability to flow, the river would no longer connect to the nourishing energies of the Earth, and therefore would no longer supply this energy to the plants and animals along it’s course.
Fortunately, here in Fort Collins we have a river that, for the most part, is allowed to flow. As we sit by the river, in our favorite spots, we can connect to the entire watershed; the mountains, the springs, and forests therein. Next time you are out by the river, sit in silence and connect your consciousness to everything that is the river, let it deeply nourish you, and remember how precious it is that we have a free-flowing river.
Right now, forces are at work to stop this flow and create the “Glade Reservoir”, for information on how to stop this contact:

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