Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Earth Harmonizer(Chembuster)

The Earth Harmonizer is an energetic supportive device that engages with the yin energies of the Earth, channeling these energies and allowing them to meet with the Solar, yang energies. Using the sacred geometry, we entrain the extremely low frequency(ELF) waves to the geometry of the hexagon. This is done by cutting copper waveguides to a fundamental of the Schumann Resonance, which is 7.83 hertz. These waveguides are embedded in a egg shaped crystalline matrix consisting of polyester resin and copper and iron shavings. This substance is commonly called Orgonite, in respect to Wilhelm Reich who discovered that by layering organic and inorganic materials you could condense and direct the yin energies, which he had named Orgone. The waveguides are embedded upright hexagonally into the Orgonite, and are tied together in the matrix using copper wrappings that hold the Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals. These “Seed” crystals are named after the belief that they were placed by the ancient Lemurians in order to seed other Quartz crystal veins, which tend to be found underneath them. They are said to hold ancient information as well as provide a source of energy. Moldavite, a mineral only found in the Czech Republic due to it’s being brought there on a meteor, is added because of it’s nature to aid the Quartz in it’s energetic functions. A copper coil, cut to the length of 3 Royal Egyptian cubits is placed in the foundation of the base as to help facilitate vortical motion. Also for the enhancement of vortical motion, the top of the Earth Harmonizer is capped with a large egg shaped matrix of Orgonite. The egg shape, as discovered by Viktor Schauberger, could bring about a vortical motion when placed in a flowing river, and he believed this would re-energize the river. This vortical motion accelerates the balancing of energies, and indeed is arguably the foundational structure that fills life, as seen in the double helix structure of DNA.
When an Earth Harmonizer is placed, it is set in a location that is determined though the dowsing of underground water veins. These veins carry the frequencies through the mantle and into the Earth’s inner core. Recently discovered by a seismologist is the fact that the Earth’s Mantle contains the equivalent to an Arctic Sea’s of ocean water. This amount of water acts as a fluid medium for the propagation of these waves, and enables the Earth Harmonizer to access the entirety of the globe. So, by placing an Earth Harmonizer we can treat the Earth as a whole being, releasing stagnant energies within.
Stemming from the Earth Harmonizer is a double spiraling vortex, one traveling deep within the earth and the other traveling up to the Earth’s Ionosphere. Chinese Medicine would liken the Ionosphere, which exists of altitudes from 6 to 80 miles above the Earth, to the concept of Wei Qi, or defensive Qi. In Chinese Medicine Wei Qi travels outside the body and aids the body in it’s defensive, or immune function. Within the double vortex which at its mouth in the sky can reach distances in a 30 mile radius, is a Tachyon field of charged particles. The sub-atomic Tachyons operate faster than the speed of light and through the action of other charged particles called Bosons can effectively alter matter through their ability to transcend space-time. It is within this Tachyon field that chemical pollutants are transformed at the sub-atomic level. The effect of this can been seen in breaking apart of large banks of chemical haze, common after a day of flyovers by commercial and/or military jets. The haze scatters along vortical pathways that lead it to the center of the field. As the chemicals approach the center, they are broken down completely and a rich, deep blue sky emerges behind. Trees and plants in the field grow with a renewed vigor, producing lush foliage and deep roots. Soil organisms, such as worms and microbes flourish, increasing the nutrient availability to roots of plants.